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Ugly – Margaret McHeyzer


Holy hell!
This book absolutely gutted me.
Not once. Not twice, but over and over and over again.
From page one chapter one all I wanted was for Lily to be okay. She thought she was ugly. She believed she didn't deserve to be loved. She accepted what was given to her and made lemonade out of old, rotten lemons. And I couldn't help but to be sitting here, unable to put the book down, praying she escaped the life she was living and realised she did deserve more.
Then Trent comes along - seemingly offering her everything she ever dreamed. Someone to love her, someone who cared. Someone who made sure she was safe and fed. Turns out he's just another demon Lily has to beat.
I loved the relationship between Dale, Paul and Lily. Her bosses, who once the truth about Lily's situation is revealed step in and step up sharing the role of a doting father making sure Lily gets the chances she deserves. Together with Lily's best and only friend Shayne, they take on the very serious and very necessary task of rebuilding Lily and proving to her that life is for living and she's not the ugly, broken, worthless human she's been led to believe her whole life.
This book will break your heart. It will make you angry. It will make you cry. It will make you want to slap the characters but it's so beautifully written you'll struggle to put it down and get back out into the real world. At least, not until you know, Lily's going to be OK.

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