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Country Nights – Winter Renshaw


River is the shell of a man.
Twelve years ago he had a chip on his shoulder. A big one.
Five years ago, the world as he knew it imploded in front of him and shattered the man forever.
He's gruff, cranky, stubborn and in complete denial that he will ever need to move on. More than anything, I just wanted to give River a hug and make him smile.
When Leighton appears on his doorstep - destitute with stars in her eyes, River attempts to send her away. The problem for River is, underneath all the bravado and bitterness is a heart the size of Texas and he can't turn away the wide eyed girl.
This book made you want to hold on to River and assure him that it'd be all right in the end. Not to mention smack Seth in face.
A great read filled with real emotions!

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